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"Well, here's the latest report on a Glorious meal… It was delicious."
-Bobbi F., Massachusetts educator, author and grandmother


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Elizabeth respects your privacy and will never share or sell your information to anyone... period. Newsletters containing new and unique unpublished recipes issue every other week and are not archived here. Your comments on recipes are welcome and encouraged. Please submit comments here. Happy cooking!


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Healthy Eating Strategy #4: Avoid artificial sweeteners and synthetic sugar substitutes. Choose to use real, raw sugar or natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup, locally-collected honey, or agave nectar rather than synthetic substitutes like Aspartame, Saccharine, or Nutrasweet that fool your body and add toxic chemicals to your delicately balanced internal systems. Even Splenda is a highly processed product that can wreak havoc with your pancreas. Need I mention high fructose corn syrup? The addition of high fructose corn syrup to popular soda pops in 1981 corrolates with the rise in obesity in the U.S.

While the familiar finely-ground white sugar may include traces of bleach and other agents used to homogeonize, lighten, and increase pourability, raw sugar contains trace nutrients and other elements that help the body address it appropriately and aid in digestion.

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